Unleash Your Creativity

Speechmorphing is a game changer for developers and designers of conversational AI, VUIs, voice interaction and customer experiences. Powerful tools give you infinite control to create a dynamic branded voice that’s uniquely yours. Never before has high-quality voice creation been so easy, quick and cost-effective.


Interactive Marketing

People today are on the move and can’t always look at a screen. To reach more customers, speech synthesis adds a new dimension to energize your multimedia campaigns. And with Speechmorphing, you can create branded voices to customize, localize and personalize messages for multiple markets.

A Smorph-generated voice seamlessly integrates with leading promotion tools and messaging platforms. So start Smorphing to extend your reach. You can take customers to unique, custom-made spaces…at any time, in any place.


  • Optimize customer engagement at every touch point, using text, voice or a mix of the two.
  • Engage your customers with branded and personalized voices that are responsive to the situation. You’ll create better, more realistic customer experiences.
  • Minimize production time and reduce costs. Spoken messages can be created directly from text, without a live agent. Utilize ambassador or celebrity voices that you own in easier, more cost-effective ways.


  • Quickly and easily create branded voices, while cutting your production costs.
  • Produce consistent and personalized voice talk with our template-based voice production tool.
  • Make customers feel heard and pleased with an end-to-end self-service experience.
  • Improve conversational IVR with a dynamically-generated emotive voice that can adjust its tone and style for any given situation.
  • Leverage pre-existing voice recordings or customize a pre-developed voice with a simple click and Smorph.

Smart Self-Service IVR

Self-service IVR is vital to the 24×7 demands of business today — from banking and healthcare to travel, shipping, and retail. That’s why it’s time to replace inflexible, time-limited robotic speech with an expressive, dynamic voice that can leverage natural language understanding.

Companies are turning to Speechmorphing to create more personable, customized voices that can respond to customers in the right tone, with the right emotion, every time. Voices need to be intelligent and emotive to enable real conversations that lead to happy, more productive outcomes.

And with Smorph, voice on demand may be a safer bet than a live agent in a challenging situation. Why not smooth the customer journey and improve every IVR experience?


Branded Conversational Bots

Conversational bots are quickly becoming the most popular human-machine interactive technology. Chatbots and intelligent personal assistants have proven that natural, lively human-bot interaction is a great way to build brand loyalty and customer engagement. And the backbone of human-machine communication is advanced speech synthesis. Developers have poured vast amounts of resources into the creation of branded voices that reveal personality and emotional intelligence. And now, Speechmorphing can do the same — in a short amount of time, on a smaller budget. Smorph empowers designers with a robust voice-on-demand service and state-of-the-art voice production tools.


Helpline Chatbots

Personalized, interactive voices

  • Develop bots that are more engaging and responsive with the right tone, style and intelligence to face any situation.
  • Personalize your chatbots, giving them familiar or branded voices and styles. Customize to your lingo and personas.

Home Security Bots

Someone is always home

  • Protect homes better with a programmable home security bot that can speak in any family member’s voice and style to provide a more realistic presence when nobody is home.
  • Give homeowners the confidence that comes with knowing their house is secure when their security bots are active.

Home Care Bots

Virtual caregivers

  • Employ the expressive, caring voices of trusted loved ones to improve the acceptance, satisfaction and overall user experience.
  • Help the care recipient more easily adjust to different situations. You’ll ease transitions, boost engagement, and achieve better homecare results.