Goodbye Robotic Voice.

Hello Smorph™.

Speechmorphing welcomes you to the future of speech synthesis. Smorph voice-on-demand removes the tedium and high cost from voice development. You just need 5 to 10 minutes of voice recordings and a few days to develop and customize. It’s quick and easy but highly advanced. Patented linguistic modeling, voice analysis, speech synthesis, and neural networks give you the tools to animate your dynamic voice.


A Voice Speaks Volumes

A voice is an extension of your brand. It can build customer loyalty and engagement. And with Speechmorphing, building a branded voice is simple and affordable — no longer a big-budget item reserved for large enterprise.

Start with existing or new recordings of your brand ambassador. Or customize a pre-built voice with styles and domains, from tones and demeanor to pronunciation and lingo. Granular controls within the text allow you to further adjust the mood, volume, pitch, speed, intonation and human sound gestures.

Our user-friendly SmorphTM Voice-on-Demand service helps you create a voice that’s unique to your business. Once you’ve mixed and mastered, it’s easy to integrate your voice with chatbots or VUIs. Your branded voices can be used across many applications — to create new touch points.



Smart and Responsive

You are no longer limited to flat, neutral, generic voices. Speechmorphing gives you the tools to Smorph expressive voices that respond to different situations and customers, their needs, and emotions in any moment.

Achieve optimal engagement by adding personality, interest and emotional intelligence. Your options are as varied as the human voice itself — from subtle to sublime.

High Quality:

Natural and Expressive

The quality of synthesized speech has evolved to sound more natural and intelligible. But many text-to-speech solutions produce voices with set tones and styles that require massive efforts to change.

Speechmorphing’s new methods of analyzing and synthesizing speech enable superior voice customization and expressiveness.

And with cutting-edge prosodic modeling, Smorph™ delivers unparalleled quality. Your individually branded voice will sound natural and personable. Speaking styles can be modified with a simple click and Smorph.



Speeds Time to Market

Speechmorphing’s advanced AI and deep-learning-enabled voice technology makes it possible to Smorph voices on demand, with minimal recording and training time. Voice talent and developers no longer need to spend weeks or months in front of their computers or at the studio recording every individual voice and speaking style.

Speechmorphing’s quick implementation speeds time to market, while affordability and quality broaden the practical, real-world applications of synthesized speech.


Integration with Any App

Voice is the new touch. Speechmorphing simplifies creation, deployment and management of voice-enabled applications with an always-on voice-on-demand service complemented by easy-to-use APIs and tools. Gain immediate access from our public cloud, integrate with your private cloud or take a hybrid approach.

An ultralight version of any voice can be delivered to appliances or embedded applications — making it simple for developers to add branded Smorph-enabled voices to any app, mobile or IoT device.



Lightweight, Lower Cost

We only need 5 to 10 minutes of voice recordings, compared to 30 hours or more for other high-quality TTS solutions. You’ll save on studio time and development costs.

One-click voice styling can save you weeks or months in development time. This means you can focus your energy and budget on the end result: the customer experience.

And because we need to store so little voice data, Smorph voices claim a much smaller footprint. Our database is small and efficient. A lightweight voice, coupled with fast and easy integration, greatly reduces your overall costs.

Scalable: Languages,

Voices and Styles

Speechmorphing’s unified approach to cross-language voice and style analysis, voice synthesis and prosodic modeling ensures true scalability and flexibility. As a result, voices can grow multi-dimensionally across new styles, application domains and languages.

Our Voice-on-Demand Service can scale up to stream millions of expressive and personalized voices simultaneously, in real time — in any number of applications.

Through deep learning, the speed of voice creation further improves as the voice database expands. This propels the development of even more Smorph-enabled voice applications and an ever-improving voice quality.