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We live in an information demanding culture – a multi-sense society, moving at a faster pace than ever, with shorter attention spans, and a higher excitement threshold. Consumers are looking for more relevant information, in the right form, befitting the occasion. They’re only interested in spending time with content that addresses their personal interests, through an experience that engages them when they are ready, using the right senses in a fun and appealing approach.

One of a company’s most important assets is their relationship with their customers. However, getting customer attention through existing communication channels is becoming more challenging, especially when it comes to complex messages and “eyes-busy” situations, such as driving or working out. Years of radio engagement proved that audio is one of the most clear and effective methods to communicate complex messages like plan bundles or new promotions in those situations. Addressing customers personally, with a relevant offer, attracts their attention and increases their engagement, so why not combine audio with personalization? We believe that every individual customer deserves personal attention in any corporate-customer engagement at every touch point, whether through voice mail, email, social media, mobile, or the web, and that the sender-personalized voice is the one that makes it interesting and dramatically increases the level of engagement.

Forrester predicts that the total market for customer engagement solutions will grow tremendously to over $18B in 2018. And while every day, consumers spend hours in “eyes-busy” situations, there is no highly scalable personalized audio messaging solution to address these missed communication opportunities. 

Speech Morphing, Inc. (SMI) is taking an entirely new approach in speech analysis, speech understanding, and voice personalization to address these challenges. Our unique core technology is protected by strong IP and has been successfully validated in relevant use-cases, across multiple languages. We are currently completing our pre-production release and eagerly ramping up to our first personalized, replicable voice offering product launch by end of year.

We created SMI with the passion to transfer this vision into a reality and to build a great company – one that changes the market with our cloud-based, highly scalable, automated voice technology and thought leadership; one that excites consumers and corporations on a daily basis with the experience of working with our personal voice services; one that creates substantial returns for our investors and employees; and one that is a unique place to work.

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